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"Menagerie Multicultral Ensemble" It was super fun to perform with
 my best friends and musicians! 

Met a Hoosier in New Orleans. With Tom Fischer 

@Fritzel's European Jazz Pub, New Orlenas.

First generation of "Menagerie Multicultral Ensemble."Jason Pockrus 

the Fulbright Scholar is in China now! 

with Prof. Jennifer Lane, her husband Mr. James Harold Carr, Ying and Sopon. A salon concert. 

with Prof. David Baker and Mrs Baker. My grandpa and mentor in Indiana University!

with Dr. John Scott. My major professor at University of North Texas.

with North Texas Wind Symphony conductor Prof. Corporon and Thai wind conductor Thanapol. 

It's Mahler time! 

 The clarinet section of Mahler Symphony No. 1....including  C clarinets!!

 One of my favorite teachers in UNT, Ann MacMillan

with Prof. Jim Carroll,  
George Mason University

 With Dr. James Gillespie. After Wind Symphony concert. 

Dr. Gene Aitken's clinic with KoSwing Big Band @ National

Cheng Kung University (國立成功大學), Tainan, Taiwan, June 2014

Translating Dr. Gene Aitken's clinic at KoSwing Big Band. 
National Cheng Kung University (國立成功大學), Tainan, Taiwan
June 2014

April, 22, 2014@ UNT Recital Hall
Krommer(1759-1831) Concerto in E-flat Major for two clarinets, Op. 91, with Hyejin Jung and
Imre Pátkai.

 Performed Arturo Márquez's Zarabandeo with Mexican  pianist Alejandro Téllez Vargas.

"Take Five" Crossover-jazz Quintet with Yuwen Peng (彭郁雯老師), jazz pianist and artist director of Sizhukong Jazz Ensemble (絲竹空爵士樂團).

"Take Five" Crossover-jazz Quintet performed at an Historical building, also the first western style concert hall in Taiwan (built in 1911). Tainan, Taiwan. July 2014. 

"Take Five" Crossover-jazz Quintet performed at Reykjavik Lab, Taipei  Philharmonic Orchestra. The tickets were sold out.  

performed Bottesini's Duet for Clarinet, Bass and Orchestra with bassist Man Wai Che @ UNT Recital Hall.

"Take Five" Crossover-jazz Quintet performed in my hometown, Tainan.  Thank you all for coming.

 Victor Wooten, my new music hero. Everyone should watch his TED talk: 
 "Music as a Language"

with Prof. James Campbell. My major professor at Indiana

performed Choro at UNT Voertman Hall.

   with Michel Camilo

Participating Conductors Collegium, conducting North Texas Wind Symphony.

New York Philharmonicpricipal clarinet Mark Nuccio in residence

at UNT. He recorded Scott McAllister's Black Dog and Artie Shaw's clarinet concerto with us. 

with Jose Aponte @ UNT

 A salon concert. With Prof. Jennifer Lane, Ying and Sopon. 


 International Woodwind Festival.
 Received Masterclass from Wenzel 

 Fuchs,principal clarinet of the Berlin  Philharmonic

Basset Horn soloist of Mendelssohn's Concert
with Ian Yeung, conductor, Hsing-Fang Liu,
clarinet and Dallas Asian American Youth Orchestra.


In front of UNT School of Music. 

 Performed Uhl's Divertimento with Yang Quartet at Trio Indiana  Concert (IU Faculty Chamber Concert/Bernard Portnoy Memorial  Concert). Auer Hall, Indiana University-Bloomington.

 "Yang's Quartet." with Yuen-Suo, Min-Yi and Darren.
  Indiana University-Bloomington. 

 My most treasured memory: a  mini concert in the mountains.  Audiences including: my friends  and little friends, a hermit, and a  duck.


 Performed with Mexican guitarist Eduardo Mendoza-Santiago at La Casa de la  Cultura Azcapotzalco, Mexico City. 


 Performed at Hospital General de Zona, la Razael  Auditorio. Mexico City.

Presenting Taiwanese folk music at El Colegio Azcapotzalco, Mexico City.

They are super cute! 

The first time I signed autographs! Fun experience!

Happy music time with Sopon and Troy! 

New York Philharmonic pricipal clarinet Mark Nuccio in residence at UNT. With Wind Symphony clarinet section.

 With saxophone legend  Eugene Rousseau. He  recorded Saxophone  Concertos by Larsen, Baker,  and Tomasi with us.

Performed G. Wanamaker's Duo Sonata for Clarinet and Alto Saxophone with Jason Pockrus. 

Performed Spring River and Flowers in the Moonlight (春江花月夜) with my best friends Mei and Ying. 

At UNT Recital Hall.

Performed David Baker's A Tribite to Great Clarinetists. (String players' posture look so cool---with or wothout bows).


" Take Five" rehearsal @ In-Tap Studio, Taipei, Taiwan.

 ...and what's in the future? Very inspiring conversation
 with Future Man. 

    Taiwan. A beautiful island. 

My hometown, Tainan, Taiwan. 

.....and the journey continues. 

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